VIDEO/The courageous Albanians supporting the 5th Tirana Gay (P)Ride

The most important LGBTI pride event in Albania marks this year its 5th anniversary and many courageous Albanians from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia are sending their public support through photos of the hashtag ‪#Kurajo (meaning Courage).

Aleanca LGBT and ProLGBT, two main organizations for LGBTI rights in the contry are posting each days these photos which in turn are becoming viral in social media.

“A photo might be nothing, for some people”, wrote in her Facebook Xheni Karaj, a lesbian activist, “but for us a photo means great hope that one day we will finally live a free life without prejudices, without forcing ourselves into double lives and without hiding the person we love! And courage is the thing not only us as LGBTI need, but also our allies”.

Aleanca LGBT and ProLGBT are organizing the 5th Tirana Gay (P)Ride event this year in the main boulevard of the capital of Albania, followed by different screenings events of SkaNdal (the first long featured documentary about LGBTI movement in Albania) and by a gala fundraising dinner for STREHA, a residential shelter for young homeless LGBTI people which will be held at the former Royal Palace of the last King Zog I.

Also, the main streets of Tirana will be covered during May 17th for the first time with poetry and poems by Albanian young LGBTI in a urban festival of poetry. Aleanca LGBT and ProLGBT are closely working with the State Police to provide full security for all these events which whill bring for the first time in the public rhetoric the rights of LGBTI families and the demand to amend the Family Code.

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