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Gay Albania is a dating web site for Albanian Gays and Lesbians

The opening of this site is an independent initiative and is not connected to any lgbt organisation.

The site is free and the service of visitors, who will be able to obtain the latest information LGBT people from Albania and the world, to read and publish their stories, become part of the interesting discussions in the forum, to be included in the Online and sends new knowledge.

Thanks to the many members who become part of this community, enriched every day with many different materials, so we urge you to be active by posting as many pictures, videos, erotic stories, but also by opening themes forum in order to deal with sensitive issues and problems for our community and get to know each other better. Through this site we aim to open a communication window midis homoseksualëve in Albania, Kosovo and other countries where they live speaking. Who is funding this project? In creating and maintaining this site is not business, for this reason, our site will not see the ads, and this site will continue to be free and never will ask members to pay to have a profile here. The existence of this site definitely has a cost, and this cost is not sponsored by any governmental organization or businessman, but the contribution of the founders of the site and the contribution of some of the members that due to their contributions help us to keep this project alive. If you want to give your contribution, you remember that you can do via our Paypal account which is Who attends this site? Given that this site is reserved only for the LGBT community, most of the members and visitors are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

Mainly members of this site are in Albania, but it also lacks members from Kosovo, Macedonia and other places where they live and work speaking. But lack the foreigners who plan to visit or live in our country.

Ensure the anonymity of members? Like all websites, even here, to create a profile must have an email address which should flevshme jet to activate the account. We do a great job for protected data members, but we suggest you do not use an email address that contains your name, do not use your real name as a pseudonym, and on all, put your picture only if you are sure that no person who knows you can visit this page. A big thanks goes to.

All registered members on this site, all those who have always stayed with us at any time since the creation of this site. A big thanks goes to all those who forgive criticism, suggestions and advertising of this site have helped us become a landmark for the community LGBT shqipëfolës. We also thank all those who in addition to the suggestions given their economic contribution to somehow come to help us with that requires operation and maintenance costs of Without your input this site would not be what it is today. Thanks from the heart 🙂 For more information contact us at e-mail: With respect staffi

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