Alliance Against Discrimination of LGBT Peolpe!

Aleanca LGBT is an Albanian non-governmental organization that envisions a free, open and equal Albanian society that embraces diversity and is inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Aleanca LGBT had been created by a group of LGBT young people who had been working as volunteers this past three years to change the reality for LGBT people in Albania. Aleanca during this time has been organizing regular community events.

Community and capacity building
Facebook group, website(, community events (discussion groups, movie screenings, parties, woman football team, the book club, English courses, cooking courses, young people from the community can use the space to create their own activities, radio show etc),

Awareness Raising
Public lectures, public movie screenings, cooperation with the media (TV and radio program appearances, individual interviews, article publications, press releases), translation of relevant materials (international reports, articles on sexuality and homophobia, health issues etc), informative leaflets and poster distribution International Day Against Homophobia, International Day Against Aids etc).

Advocacy and Lobbying
Networking with other human rights organizations/groups, meetings with public officials and the international community (US Embassy, Dutch Embassy, German Embassy, and European Commission), public activities to promote the adoption of the Anti-Discrimination Law by Parliament (articles, press releases, meetings etc).

Since march 2009, the Alliance operated in creating an agenda with concrete daily activities that serve as a backbone for the community to stay together and further empower the LGBT persons in Albania.

Info Kontakt: +355.696403576 Vod Club!

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